Several timers

Several timers


These multiple stopwatches are independent of each other, You can display up to 50 stopwatches, simply launch them via the associated buttons.

Number of timers

Multiple timers

Timer box kSafe Limit munching on unhealthy snacks.
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Online stopwatch

Practical case of chronometers

several independent chronometers

Up to 50 stopwatches on the same page: they allow you to measure times that are independent of each other.

Example: several computers are self-service and you want to measure the duration of use of each of them.

Possible actions: Start, Resume to restart the stopwatch from the current time, Stop and Clear to start from 0.

Stopwatch control

  • use the spacebar to start the stopwatch or to memorize a time,
  • the 0 key for the first start,
  • key 1 to memorize an intermediate time,
  • key 2 to restart the stopwatch from the displayed time,
  • key 3 to stop the times.
Several timers

Several timers

4.5/5 (23)

Up to 50 independent chronometers, save your times, possibility of export, 3 other individual chronometers for other options.

Technical details

  • up to 50 independent timers on the same page.
  • export possible in “copy / paste” to a spreadsheet,
  • the stopwatch remains active even if you turn off the computer.
  • Time management  :  Several timers
  • Requires HTML5 et JAVASCRIPT
4 modes for more options.